Sculpturing is the visual art of creating 3 dimensional shapes of human and animals using materials such as plaster, wax and stone. Sculpturing is of the artistic innovations and is based on three-dimensional objects. Sculpturing is different from other arts and unlike photography; it is not related with flat shapes. Sculptures include 3 dimensional objects and the relevant artistic products are not only observable through seeing but also through contact. Sculptors are able, with the use of their hands, to bring an artistic feeling into palpability, using materials such as marble, metal, glass, or wood, or plastic materials such as clay, textiles, polymers and softer metals. Sculpturing has a more ancient record than the history. Archaeologists have found man-made sculptures of the Stone Age made of human bones and animal horns. Making sculpture has long been done for different purposes, sometimes for recording memories, sometimes for historical or religious reasons, and in some cases they were used for recording daily subjects of some customs and traditions. Social and economical changes of 20th century with no doubt have been the reason for using different materials and techniques of sculpturing and changing its concept that resulted in premier and noble sculpturing.